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Welcome note

This year the 91st Annual Meeting of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Säugetierkunde (DGS) will take place for the first time in Greifswald. It will be organized by the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut, the University Greifswald, Zoological Institute and Museum, the Ozeaneum Stralsund, the Tierpark Greifswald and the Zoological Garden Stralsund.

To initiate and further stimulate interaction between the different disciplines, in particular mammalian biology and ecology and veterinary and human medicine, an exciting conference program has been set up.  It starts with a public lecture held by Prof. William B. Karesh, New York.  Furthermore the scientific program contains plenary lectures by Prof. Dr. Barbara König, Zurich, and Prof. Gerald Heckel, Bern and numerous state-of-the-art presentations by experts in the different research fields.

Additionally, several informal get-togethers will facilitate scientific exchange between invited speakers and participants and aim to establish new contacts and collaborations.  The social program includes guided tours to the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut at the Insel Riems and to the Ozeaneum Stralsund. Furthermore the Tierpark Greifswald and the Zoo Stralsund will be pleased to welcome you.

We are looking forward to meeting you all in September 2017 here at the Baltic Sea for a successful and stimulating conference!

Yours sincerely,


PD Dr. Rainer G. Ulrich   Prof. Dr. Gerald Kerth

Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut   University Greifswald, 
Zoological Institute and Museum
Dr. Harald Benke Heidi Schönherr Dr. Christoph Langner

Ozeaneum Stralsund Tierpark Greifswald Zoo Stralsund